Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holidays and News :-)

Happy Holidays one and all!  No matter what you celebrate, I hope you are having a wonderful winter season!

Because it is the holiday season, I need to inform everyone of my holiday schedule.  I will not be available from December 19, 2014 until January 4, 2015.  I won't even be checking my emails.  For me, Christmas is the time to spend with my family, making lots of food, getting fat, shopping, and decorating :-) 

In cover art news:

I don't accept rush jobs.  It's unfair to put an author above another author who is already in the queue.  It keeps thing fair and organized this way.  If you do have a rush job, you should seek another cover artist.  Perhaps they won't believe in being fair.

Pre-Made covers are changing.  I'm calling them "Concept Designs".  I'm doing this because so many stock sites are now requiring extended licenses for any images used in Pre-Made Covers.  Even though I only sell the pre-made covers once, the legal wording used in the stock sites makes it so I have to purchase an extended license.  My pre-made covers are inexpensive so it's not cost effective for me to purchase an extended license.  Therefore, I'm creating Concept Designs.  These can be used as covers.  All we do is add title, author name, etc.  I'll have individual prices under the Concept Designs.

One of these days, I'll have to start taking pictures myself.  Stock images are getting more expensive--especially if you want images that are more rare.  I've seen so many of the same images on covers that it makes me nauseous.  I'm sure, as authors, you want something original for your book as well.  Custom images can be expensive.  I'm also searching for new models.  I'm bored seeing the same ones on so many covers.  Of course, I still have my favorites--Jax Turyna, Max Aria, Jason Aaron Baca--to name a few (there are several).  But I want new faces along with the popular faces.  It helps new models become the Heroines and Heroes they want to be :-)

I'm thinking of changing my pricing scale.  As you all know, I like being fair.  It doesn't seem fair to charge the same price for a cover that has 1-3 images the same cost as a cover that has 7-9 images.  The price is too disparate.  I'm thinking of employing a price scale like so:
1-3 images:  $100.00
4-6 images:  $125.00
7-9 images:  $150.00
More than 10 images:  $200.00

What do you think?

Have a wonderful holiday season! :-)