I have created this FAQ page so that you know what to expect.

What genre of covers do you create?  All genres.

What are your prices?

First time clients receive a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER of $100 for their first e-book cover!  (1-3 images ONLY and minor changes).

E-book:  Includes standard size of 6X9, Barnes&Noble, any size within the ratio you request, and 3D cover.
1-3 images:  $125.00
4-6 images:  $150.00
7-9 images:  $175.00
More than 10 images:  $200.00

Print:  $50.00 Does not include e-book.  Will be formatted into a .pdf.
Box Set:  $100.00. 
If box set includes up to 5 authors:  $100.00
Up to 10 authors: $150.00
11 or above: $200.00

Special Offers:

Bundle A:  $200.00
Price includes e-book, print, 3D cover, and VistaPrint rackcard.

Bundle B:  $250.00
Price includes e-book, print, 3D cover, VistaPrint rackcard, and Facebook banner.  Facebook banner is for the book created only.

Graphic Art:  Starting at $75.00.
Facebook Banners: $75.00.
Website Banners: $75.00.
Romance Trading Cards:  $75.00 per card.
Audiobook size:  $25.00
Promo Banners:  These begin at $50 and increase from there depending on what is needed.

I only use images from the following sites:
Cathleen Tarawhiti
Jason Aaron Baca
For Backgrounds and Extras:

If you wish an image from a site not listed above, you will have to purchase it once I approve the image.

What forms of payment do you accept?  I only use PayPal.  Half of the payment is due after you sign the contract.  The remainder of the payment is due once the project has been completed.

How long does it take for a cover, graphic art, or romance trading cards to be completed?  Expect a waiting period of 3 days to 2 weeks.

What all is required of me?  I have created a questionnaire that you need to fill out and a contract that needs signed.  For Print, make sure you have the final edits in.  I will NOT create a print cover unless you have exact page counts.

How do you work?  I like to think of creating art as a journey--it takes time and there are many bumps in the road.  However, the journey is made much more simple when you allow me to create.  Give me freedom to interpret what you need.  I will always follow the questionnaire so you don't have to worry about receiving something that you didn't ask for.  And if you don't like what I have created, I will start again.

Do you have terms that I need to agree to?  Yes.  There is a contract you need to sign before I begin work on your project.

If you are feeling particularly pro-active and you wish to hire me, then the following are the questionnaires that I need you to answer. Please take your time in completing the questionnaire.  I will charge extra if you change your mind regarding colors, themes, etc.  After all, I have spent time creating what you asked for and if you decide you want something else, then that will take even more time.

Scroll further down for the GRAPHIC ART questionnaire.

COVER ART QUESTIONNAIRE 1.  Title Name, Series Name, Book # (If you only have the title, that's fine).
2.  Author Name
3.  Genre/Sub-genre
4.  If you wish to see a hero or heroine then please provide the following (add another heroine (s) or hero(es) for ménage):
   Hero:  Build
              Skin color
              Eye color
              Hair color/length
              Clothing...if any.
   Heroine:  Build
                   Skin color
                   Eye color
                   Hair color/length
                   Clothing...if any.
5. Setting i.e. Dallas, Wild West:
6. Time period i.e. Regency, Contemporary:
7.  Is there something particular your cover absolutely must have i.e. sword, castle, spaceship?
8.  Is there something that you absolutely DO NOT want on your cover?
9.  Please provide the tag line, aka one-liner.
10. Anything else you would like me to know?

Page Count
Trim Size
Type of Paper
What do you want on back?  (Bio, blurb, review, etc)

1.  Company name.
2.  Product you sell.
3.  Colors you wish to emphasize.
4.  Images you would like to see on your art i.e. trees, mountains, stars.
5.  Dimensions of the label being used.
6.  Ingredients...if any.
7.  What needs to be on the label.  This can include weight, FDA approvals, etc.
8.  What are you looking for?  Something earthy, simple, mechanic, etc.  Describe in detail.  If there is an image you think embodies your company, please attach.  I will not copy the image but I will adhere to it.
9.  Anything else you would like on the label?

If you are looking to purchase either a Facebook Cover or Trading Cards, please contact me directly as the questionnaires will be different from the above.

Thank you!


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