Stock Site changes

Hi all!

I am aware it has been almost a year since my last real blog post LOL  What can I say? I'm no author :-)  But I did need to let you know about recent stock site changes.

As you all may be aware, images are becoming increasingly expensive.  I'm not going to increase my prices this year which means certain stock sites will no longer be included in cost.  In order for my business to succeed--for me to make a profit, I have to cut off certain sites.  

The following sites are ALWAYS included in price.  They are, in no particular order:
Cathleen Tarawhiti at
Jason Aaron Baca at

If I do find stock sites or photography sites that have individual images for $25 or less, then I'll include them on the above list.

The following sites are NO LONGER included in price.  If you want an image from the below sites, you will either have to purchase them yourself or I can purchase them and add the additional cost to the price of the cover.  In no particular order:
Jenn LeBlanc at
Any other stock site not listed in the included price list up above.

I always purchase high resolution images which, of course, are the most expensive.  I don't purchase any images under 300dpi.  It's just not smart.  For instance, if I purchase a cheaper 72dpi image and create an e-book cover only then that would be fine.  The look wouldn't be as clear or crisp as I like, but the cover would work on websites.  However, if the author decides later they want that cover in print, then I would have to purchase the 300dpi image and remake the cover.  So, it would cost more in the long run.

The stock sites that are included in the cover price have hundreds of great images that will look absolutely fantastic on your cover!  I would never sacrifice quality.  If you have perused my portfolio, you will find that most of the covers I make already just use the included stock sites anyway.  So, not much has changed :-)



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