Disney Characters

Hi all!

I originally created Ursula, my interpretation of her.  Soon after, my friends and clients wanted to see other Disney characters with my unique twist :-) None of these are for sale as Disney could sue me into the poor house :-)  This is just fun fan fic :-)  I plan on creating many of these, so drop a line if you have a Disney character you would like to see :-)  Thanks!

Captain Hook doesn't have to be a man :-)  I'm all for bad ass women so I thought the Captain needed a sex change :-)  And I never want to pass up using model Angelina Cavanaugh.  She's so wonderful to work with!

I wasn't expecting him to be as pretty as he turned out!  But I love how this piece came together.  This is Merlin--my interpretation of the wizard.  I wanted him to show off his magic and brawn but at the same time, I thought it would be funny to have the quote of him saying how important knowledge and wisdom is because we don't always see the full package these days--smart, attractive, AND magical? 
Can you imagine this interpretation of Mad Madame Mim dueling my interpretation of Merlin (seen above)?  That would be awesome.  I always had trouble believing Madame Mim could be so powerful when she represented as such a loon.  So, I created her to represent her black magic and wanted to give the feel of quiet horror.  She's creepy. :-)
I love Ursula.  She was intelligent--outwitted Ariel and King Triton--and then was given a gruesome end.  At least Madame Mim only came down with an illness.  I feel like Ursula's tale is a sad one.  How did she become so evil?  What happened that she could only depend upon two eels?


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