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Hi all!

It's been awhile!  I've been busy making covers and getting audio narration ready to go!  That's right--audiobook narration!  I have one project currently and I would like to get it fully done before unveiling it.  I will be working under Chill Audio Productions with my husband, Cam, so you'll be able to choose a male or female narrator or both for your book.  We will be charging $120 per finished hour.  I'll let you know when those services will be available.  And, if you decide to use us for your book narration, you'll get a free ACX cover if I made the digital/print cover :-) 

There have been many publishers closing or being bought out over the past few years.  That has also caused me to move to other publishers.  I'm currently making covers for Carina Press/Harlequin, Amazon Montlake, eXtasy Books, and Entangled Publishing.  Unfortunately, I ran out of room on my schedule so I had to drop Pride Publishing.  They were the newest publisher I worke…

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