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I hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July!  I was in false labor all day :-( so it wasn't all that fun for me LOL!

The following cover art was custom made for author Tracy St. John.  This is the third cover I have created for her.  What I love the most about Tracy St. John is she allows me to create.  She gives me the basics and lets me run with it!  The more freedom an author gives me, the better the cover.
How gorgeous is that?!  Seriously!  This is one of my top three favorite covers of all time.  The other two faves of mine were for an author who gave me plenty of breathing room as well.

I understand why an author wants to have as much say as possible--this story is their baby and they want the clothes to be just right.  However, let the artist do her thing and you will be happier for it.

Below is the blurb for Tracy St. John's NETHERWORLD III: ONCE BITTEN TWICE DEAD.  This is the third in her series.  To purchase the first two (I did NOT do the covers), please click here and here.

 Brandilynn Payson has been through some tough times since dying, and she's ready to take a break from the drama of being in the paranormal world.  Unfortunately, time has run out on her tense menage with vampire Tristan Keith and fellow ghost Dan Saling.  It's time to pick her one-and-only, and Brandilynn is distraught that she will have to lose one of the men she loves.    Adding to the heartache, a new threat has come to Fulton Falls.  Norms and paranormals alike are being attacked by an unknown menace and turned into zombies.  Ghosts are disappearing all over the netherworld.  When Brandilynn comes face to face with the ancient evil that leaves no survivors, her entire afterlife is changed forever.  A devoted friend has betrayed her.  The man she thought she could always count on turns his back on her.  And Brandilynn herself becomes the one thing she fears most.

You can read more about Tracy St. John by visiting her blog.

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