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Hi all!

There are still several covers I'm not allowed to post yet, but take my word for it--gushing!  I was drooling as I made them!

Covers for bestselling author Tracy St. John and for newcomer Laura Charles are guaranteed to draw the eye!  Check them out!

Each of these books sound delicious!  Keep Laura Charles in your mind--she'll be everywhere soon!  As for Tracy St. John--you know she's awesome!  Check out her blog, tracystjohn.blogspot.com to find where her books are sold!

I've also created a new batch of Pre-Made covers for Jimmy Thomas' website, romancenovelcovers.com

I hope you enjoyed this edition of eye candy!  I know I have!


Erin Dameron-Hill


  1. hello miss Erin.

    i saw the 2 new covers from kalquor up coming novels and love it. i wish you could re-made the covers of the older kalquor novels with pictures of men from real life masculine models that resemble more closely the stud sexy males from the older clans.
    in tracy john's blog there is a section were she wrote a summarize about each clan with their mataras and the author post real life men and woman models that resemble her characters sort of closely. you can use that section as inspiration for the re-make of the covers for kalquor's older novels.

    had you done the covers of Cyberevolution saga novels of Kaitlyn Connor.

  2. Hi!
    I'm glad you love Tracy St. John's new covers! I do too :-p The earlier Kalquor novels still belong to NCP, so I can't create her earlier novel covers. But I will, most likely, be creating all future covers for Ms. St. John. She is a joy to work with and she is one seriously talented author! I went to Ms. St. John's blog and the summary regarding the clans was really neat! I definitely found inspiration there! LOL
    Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kaitlyn O'Connor so I don't know anything about her covers. :-(


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