EDHGraphics Cover Spotlight is on Author Laura Charles!

I recently had the pleasure to create three covers for newcomer Indie author, Laura Charles.  She writes contemporary erotica and romance.  There are three sexy books in the series, SEDUCTION OF STEEL.  All of Ms. Charles' work can be purchased for your Kindle!  I've made it easy for you too, just click on the cover and you will be whisked away to Amazon!

This is one of my favorite covers!  A picture says a thousand words and there is definitely a story being told with this image.  I chose the model because of the idea that just popped into her head.  You can see the cogs of her mind working and you know she's up to no good!  The cover says exactly what the blurb states:

Jessica Steel is a college graduate who cannot find a good job.  In the interim, she is working as a waitress in a diner.  Her roommate, Amber, introduces Jessica to the world of erotic fiction.  Intrigued, Jessica begins reading a lot of erotica, but is appalled at the poor quality of most of the writing.

Jessica decides that she is capable of writing more interesting and compelling erotica herself, and she sets out to do so, hoping to become a success as a writer.

This story has a "story within a story" format, as it also includes Jessica's erotic short story, "Deep Encounter on a Dark Road."

The next cover is BOOK 1 in the series, SEDUCTION OF STEEL.  Again, covers are meant to convey exactly what the book is about.  You can see Jessica and her new lover in front of an ocean backdrop.  Do you have an idea of what story will unfold?


Jessica Steel is a successful writer of erotic fiction with one serious problem - she has writer's block.  Her most successful series has run its course and she doesn't have any new ideas.  In order to find something interesting to write about, she decides to take a job on a cruise ship.  She hopes that she will have some interesting adventures, or meet some interesting people, or both.  At the very least, she will be able to enjoy spending eight months in the beautiful Caribbean.

On board the ship, she meets Ryan Stevens, a rugged, handsome mechanic.  Jessica quickly falls for Ryan, but is concerned that their relationship may not have a future.  She has no plans to stay on the ship long-term, and Ryan may be spending his career at sea.

Ryan has concerns of his own, including some that involve secrets he hasn't told Jessica.  

As Jessica struggles with her conflicted feelings about Ryan, she discovers that he may not be what he appears to be...

It's very important for a cover to follow the guidelines set out by the author.  Both the author and the artist has a vision and most of the time, they are completely different visions.  But sometimes, the vision is dead on.    With VEGAS ENCOUNTER, book 2 of the SEDUCTION OF STEEL series, there wasn't much room for guessing.  It was Vegas or bust, baby!

Jessica Steel, fresh from her Caribbean adventure in Seduction of Steel, returns to writing erotic novels with a vengeance, writing about the gorgeous spy she met on the cruise ship.

Ryan, the spy, pays her a romantic visit and he says he's on his way to Las Vegas for his latest mission.  Jessica is curious and suspicious about the work he does, and thinks she could become a better writer if she observed him in action.  Without telling him, she follows him to Vegas and attempts to secretly watch him at work while he engages in industrial espionage.

What I love most about these covers (other than the fact I created them) is that they make me want to buy the book.  That's what a cover should do, entice readers.  If your cover is grabbing attention, then it's not doing its job.

If you would like to learn more about Laura Charles, please visit her website:  www.lauracharles.net

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon!


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