Finding images, art, and artists for your cover can be tough, but I have an easy way!

Hi all!

I apologize for not writing any posts recently.  I noticed my last post was at the end of October!  I have done so much since then that I haven't had the time to update my blog.  However, all of the new covers and art can be found under their headings on my blog.

I have recently discovered a new site called  They have unique stock images, artists, contests, and all sorts of really interesting things.  I'm in love!

I entered into one of their contests and I could really use your support and so could the other artists.  Granted, I want to win but my competition is steep and so long as you vote for someone, I will be happy.  The more positive feedback an artist has, the more likely they will win!  Below is the image I have submitted!  You can find the image here if you wish to make comments.  The entire competition can be found here.  There are some truly gorgeous creations!

Thank you for your time and enjoy browsing!  It's like an art museum at your fingertips! Visit to really have the world of art at your beck and call!


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