Interviews Galore! with the Models and Staff from Period Images.

Hi all!

For the next few weeks/months, I will be hosting an interview with the models and staff from each Friday!  I am so excited to host them here on my blog!  The models include Jax Turyna, Max Aria, Marissa Kloss, and so many more!!!

My very first interview with a model starts Nov. 8 and will be with the incredibly beautiful and talented Jax Turyna!!!  Along with the interview, I will be offering a special Jax centric Pre-Made bundle for only $55!!! The bundle includes e-book cover, facebook banner, and 3D book cover using Period Images !!!  Be sure to stop by and see what makes Jax tick! 

Each interview will also have a unique pre-made bundle!  Keep in mind, only one author will receive the pre-made bundle! 

I hope to see you here November 8th, 2013! 

Erin Dameron-Hill
Award-Winning Cover Artist


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