Please welcome the ruggedly handsome, Max Aria!

Greetings all!

I am so excited to have the sexy model/actor , Max Aria, here at my blog!  I absolutely adore using his images from on the covers I create!  He has a rugged quality that makes him perfect for the paranormal genre. 

Me: Welcome to EDHGraphics, Max! I am so happy to have you. Let me start off by asking the question I am sure everyone wants to know and that is, how did you get started in the modeling profession?

Max:  I actually started in the fitness world. I was extremely active in sports when I was younger and I started reading bodybuilding magazines to learn about nutrition and workout routines. After I got injured playing football, I decided to do a bodybuilding show to satisfy my competitive spirit. I put a few photos from it on my "myspace" profile back then, and within a few weeks, I had been contacted by a few photographers in Los Angeles that worked for the magazines. It was pretty mind boggling at the time, so I came out to do a few photoshoots and see what the industry was like. After shooting for fitness photographers, I fell into doing more mainstream work and commercials.

Me: Why did you want to become a model?

Max:  The pursuit of fame and fortune, of course! Lol, kidding. Honestly, I like the idea of creating something new that won't ever be replicated--Like art. I was always creative when I was younger, and I wrote music and eventually started acting, so I like the idea of creating.  

Me: You have portrayed many different types of heroes.  Is there a persona you haven’t done yet that you would like to and if you have done them all, then which persona is your favorite?

Max:  I'm really glad that superhero movies have made a huge comeback in recent years. I actually just finished playing Thor in a film called God of Thunder. It was one hero I always wanted to play, so it was awesome being able to play a version of him. I'd also really like to play Batman or Wolverine at some point. They've got an edgy energy that I tend to be drawn toward.

Me: What is your favorite all-time image of yourself?

Max:  I personally love a shot I took in Juarez, Mexico with photographer Milo800. I know it's not a typical modeling shot, but I love it! It was also very eye-opening experience crossing the border into Juarez where I was immediately met with people with AK-47's because of the drug war. I have a couple of interesting stories of being over there, but I'll save those for another day!
Hmm, now I want to hear those stories!!!! We'll need a second interview!!!

Me:  Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? What are your ultimate goals?

Max:  At this point, I have a couple of options. Recently, I've had offers to model overseas, which I'm considering, but one of my main pursuits is to further establish an acting career. I see myself as starring in several films in the coming years.

Me:  Do you find physical good looks to be more an asset or a hindrance? In what ways? How important is beauty? Is your eye for it standard or do you have your own definition?

Max:  "Good looks" are always in the eye of the beholder. I think that it's all a matter of perception. And if you shoot with the top photographers, most people will think you're "good looking" regardless!--Lol. Also, there are many different types of modeling. Most companies want to shoot people that look like an upstanding version their target demographic.. Just watch a few television commercials and see! Lots of "real-looking" relatable people. And as far as high-fashion one knows what they want! Not even them!

Me:  What is the most rewarding thing about modeling? What advice would you give to up-and-coming models?

Max:  The most rewarding thing about modeling is the ability to work with fun, creative people every day. And it's not like a 9-5 job where you do the same thing every day. You get to collaborate with people to do something completely new and unique every day.

Me:  Do you have any advice for up and coming models?

Max:  Market yourselves! Because of the internet, there are countless new opportunities of marketing. Social media, interviews, websites and blogs... Be proactive! Also, I try to stay away from the negative, but I'd suggest that you be careful to not be taken advantage of.. Luckily, I've always had a good sense of being able to "read" people to see if they were scammers.. or worse. It seems there are so many out there. Don't ever sign with an agency that wants money up front. Also, during my first meeting with a potential modeling agent, a bunch of red flags went off in my head, so I just decided to leave. Just yesterday, I found an article TMZ wrote about him being a predator with several lawsuits from his models.. Be careful! No one job or one person will make or break your career. Finally, have thick skin and don't ever take things personally. Be patient, but also persistent and proactive with whatever your goals are.

Max Aria is a laugh riot and a very fun person.  During this interview he answered a silly question about himself:

Max:  I have a crazy sense of humor and can find something funny about absolutely anything.. or nothing. It's actually gotten me in some trouble in the past. Haha, If you see me suddenly burst out into laughter for no reason, don't worry. It's just me being myself. Also, I like puppies.

HE LIKES PUPPIES!!!  I can just imagine him in a photo shoot with a bunch of puppies...sigh...

Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life with us, Max! He is so sweet!  If you would like to learn more of Max Aria and to see his portfolio, please visit the following sites:
Below is my favorite cover that I created using an image of Max!

 And now for the special Max-centric bundle!  The bundle includes Facebook banner, e-book cover, and 3D cover for just $50.00!!  Only one available, so act fast!!!

Next week, the sexy Daniel Sobieray will be featured!  Don't miss this devilish rogue! :-D  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. And I always thought I was the only one who giggled uncontrollably for no reason at all :) Sometimes it can be just a look (between me and my 9 year old son) hehe! And sometimes I've done the laughing out loud when life was really really bad :) Though I might say that was more hysterical laughter lol :)

    You always just have to find a way to smile at the world or it will beat you down ;) Cool interview with Max Erin ;) <3 And he likes puppies <3 I personally would go with Kittens :D you know Cat's Rule, Dog's Drool? though I might have to hide under my bed from my dog lover friends LOL!

    1. LOL I'm more of dog person, myself, but my dog does drool! LOL And when I had a cat, he ruled the house LOL :-D


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