I'm increasing e-book cover prices to $100.00.  If you can't afford that, I'll understand if you need to go elsewhere but I can't make a living with the prices I have now.  I have far too much overhead--quality images, classes, software, computer, etc.  So, I'm being forced to increase my prices or not work at all doing this.  Even if you are a client of mine, the price will increase.   If we have a current project, then the price will stay as before but all future projects will have a price increase.

This is not limited to e-books only.  Print covers will increase to $150 and includes the e-book.  I will have bundles available at $175 and $200.00.  Bundle A at $175 will include print, e-book, 3D cover, and rackcard.  Bundle B at $200.00 will include print, e-book, 3D cover, rackcard, and Facebook banner.

Thank you for your understanding!


  1. I am not surprised you have increased your prices, your work is awesome and it is still value for money now! I am sure people will understand :)

  2. I don't blame you a bit. A gorgeous cover is just as important as editing and you deliver! I appreciate having a custom cover from you, knowing I won't be seeing it elsewhere with another name stuck on the front.


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