Amazon is targeting Indie Authors and Small Presses to censor the covers

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As a Cover Artist, I know my trade.  I know what look greats on a cover, what will attract a reader with a specific genre, and I know what each book distributor will and will not accept as a cover.  Lately, though, I have no idea what Amazon's regulations are.

Amazon has been targeting Indie Authors and Small Presses making it difficult for any of the "erotic" books to find their audience.  Amazon will not allow couples in sensual positions, lingerie, or even titles with the words "punishment", "bondage",  or other kink.

Let me get down to nitty gritty for erotica authors. If you want your cover to portray your book, you are not allowed a sexy pose.  The book will be placed in Amazon's "adult" filter and then it will be LOST in the ether.  Below you'll find covers that Amazon believed needed censored.

These are just two examples.  RAVENOUS VIRTUE was censored because you can barely make out the man's bare rump.  CARLY'S PUNISHMENT was censored because of the title and she's wearing lingerie.  These covers are not explicit.  I have seen far more revealing covers that are not being censored by Amazon.  Why?  Because Amazon targets Indie authors and small presses.  They see TWO VIRGINS CD cover by John Lennon as art and will show John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's massive bushes but they will censor the above covers.  Amazon cannot have it both ways.

That's right.  Amazon does NOT see a problem with this.  I see many problems.  In fact, I see too much.  Look it up at Amazon.  It's there and in your face.

What would you rather see?  Seriously graphic images of rock stars or very sexy covers?  Does Amazon really have the right to censor what you want to watch, read, or own?  HBO and Showtime and many other television networks show graphic nudity and they're not being censored.  So, why on earth is Amazon censoring books?  You have the right to choose and to browse.  Not be coerced into purchasing something from a larger press.  Indie authors and small presses already have a difficult time getting into the market, they don't need Amazon hiding them as well.

If you think this is wrong, send Amazon a letter stating that you do NOT want them censoring covers.  If they think certain books should be labeled as "Adult", then they should have an adult section instead of hiding the books and not telling the author that they have hidden their books because of the cover or title.

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  1. I agree...this is hypocrisy on their part.

    1. It really is :-) Thank you for stopping by! Amazon says it's due to "mature content" and that they have the right to choose what is and what isn't. I suppose they do have that right but isn't a nude image of rock stars mature content? Or what about the album cover for BLIND FAITH? It features a young girl's breasts. Supposedly, that's art (even though she is 13).

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